Contemporary Green Marketing Strategies and Practices

In today’s turbulent and ever changing environment, global warming and remedies to cope with its backwash effect are coming to be the prime agenda of countries in the world. In connection to this, stakeholders in various domains have begun to modify their behaviour in an attempt to redress the carbon emission of industries. Marketers on their part responded to the growing demand of mitigating the gas depletion through environmentally friendly marketing activities. The current study attempted to assess the contemporary green marketing practices of Kality Food Share Company. To reach the aforementioned general intent of the study, the researcher employed case study type of research and non probability sampling method along with purposive technique. Pertinent data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Data from the abovementioned sources were culled through interview, questionnaire, focus group discussion, personal observation, internet and written documents. The study specifically tried to examine whether or not the product packaging, distribution system and promotional campaign of the case company are environmentally benign.

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