Developping ISO 9001:2000 System by using Object Oriented Database

Object oriented database is the third generation of databases. It was a natural result of limitations on relational database and increasing requirements of software and business needs. In this model, developers can represent the real world entity by using objects and can manipulate the data in a high performance. In this book we develop a system to adapt ISO by using electronic technique instead of the manual way. This system is built based on Internet and uses object database to gain the advantages of these techniques, and it avoids the problems that appears with the manual systems such as heavy loads of paperwork. Using object oriented database to represent complex data in ISO system enhances the system performance comparing with relational database. Object data is manipulated by using pointer where in relational database complex data is represented by using more than one table, and it is manipulated by using query of jointed tables. On the other hand, object oriented database by supporting inheritance concept makes the database simpler and makes the system developing faster and easier

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Автор на обложкеThoria Alghamdi and Kamel Khoualdi
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Год выпуска2012
ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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