Test-Taking Strategy Use in Reading Comprehension Tests

To shape the practice of everyday teaching, teachers need to have a holistic understanding of what happens in their classroom.They need to systematically observe their teaching, interpret their classroom events, evaluate their outcomes, identify problems, find solutions, and try them out to see once again what works and what doesn’t. In other words, they have to become strategic thinkers as well as strategic practitioners. As strategic thinkers, they need to reflect on the specific needs, wants, situations, and processes of learning and teaching. As strategic practitioners, they need to develop knowledge and skills necessary to self-observe, self-analyze, and self-evaluate their own teaching acts. This book aimed to investigate the difficulty of of reading tests on cognitive and metacognitive strategy use. The author provided the interested readers a thorough review of related literature and scrutinized various concepts and issues such as models of language ability, tasks, cognitive , metacognitive and test-taking strategy.

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Автор на обложкеHasan Rouhi
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Год выпуска2011
ИздательствоLAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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