Essays on Eurontity

This book strives for the exploration of selected aspects of European entity. Original stimuli for material-technical expansion of our modern civilization came into being just in Europe. With an ascent of capitalism, Europe re-oriented itself to objective reality and endeavoured to its active conversion. People and their development as original objectives were put aside. This formed fundamental preconditions for an economization of the world. Finally it became apparent that ideas and activities that led to the rise of the West became unsustainable in view of the modern context created just by the very same ideas and activities. Contemporary problems force European space to adapt to the new circumstances and just this adaptation can act as the bearer of new qualities. Evolution of an entity is impossible without adaptation. As an entity of higher rank, Europe has quite matured but at the same time progressively oriented nature. Moreover, Europe can rectify its part of mistake for considerably chaotic global situation via purification of its old and well-tested values from the dust and acting as embodiment of beneficial developments, such as European integration.

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