Processing and utilization of Bambara groundnut and Cowpea

Processed flour with improved functional properties, nutritional qualities, acceptability and sensory attributes were prepared from Bambara groundnut (BGN) and cowpea seeds which are common legumes in Nigeria. Roasting and germination were chosen as optimal methods of processing, prior to flour production. The complementary effect of the flour from Bambara and cowpea with wheat flour used in biscuit production were up to 50% and 30% respectively. This will increase the domestic and industrial utilization of these legumes particularly BGN, which is underutilized at present. It has been demonstrated in the present study that processed flours from these legumes can be incorporated up to about 20% in the cassava based product, garri. Enrichment of biscuit with BGN and cowpea greatly improved the essential amino acid composition of the blend, especially lysine.

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