Performance of Poultry Industry

Poultry farming has its crucial role in the economic development of any country and progress of mankind from times immemorial. They have provided human beings with food, energy, nutrition, besides helping in transport and agricultural operations. Today, Poultry farming has become a subsidiary occupation particularly in the developing countries, through generating additional income for many houses holds. The main intention of the study is to find the genesis and importance of poultry industry, the growth and structure of poultry industry in India highlighting its role in the economic development and policy of Government of India towards its development. The present book is aimed to identify the various problems encountered by the poultry farms and the prospect of poultry industry. This book is more useful to all groups of people like the poultry farmers, administrators, investors and researchers. I do not know to what extent I have been succeeded in my attempt, but I feel this book is more useful to the required.

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