Philosophical Foundations of Education ‘’Quranic Perspectives’’

This study, an attempt is made to elucidate Al-Qur’an’s treatment of the philosophical foundations upon which the theory of Islamic education stands. It is a contribution to elaborate an educational tool that may serve as a theoretical basis for those who are concerned with theorizing for contemporary Islamic education. It is directed to those concerned with the problem of re-educating (re-qualifying) the contemporary Muslim man to face the challenges of resuming his historical mission in human life with reference to both, Islam as the principal frame of reference and the essential dimensions of the global era. It primarily concerns Muslim educational theorists since it provides them with an idea about the theoretical framework that should be put into consideration whenever there is an attempt to develop a new project of education for the contemporary Muslim world. Additionally, it is intended, as a reference that may help students of Islamic educational studies to grasp the essential elements of a theory of education as treated by both Al-Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah.

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