Bobby McFerrin: Live In Montreal

Bobby has been amazing and involving audiences with his solo vocal show for nearly 20 years. Cementing his reputation not only as a wondrous vocal innovator and musician. But also an impeccable entertainer. Every show is improvised. Allowing bobby to perpetually develop his amazing solo improvisations and audience interactions. With a comedian's sense of timing. An unrestrained zany streak. And an infectious love of every genre of music. Bobbys solo show is a new kind of concert - not a "performance" but a communal sharing and celebration of music. Tracklist: 01. Improvisation Style oLittle Red Book" 02. Improvisation With The People On Stage 03. Improvisation With Evelyne Lamontagne On The Trapeze (Extracts From The Opera Carmen) 04. Improvisation With The Audience 05. Improvisation With Jorane: "Riopel"06. Improvisation: "Gonna Move" 07. The Jump08. Drive09. Ave Maria10. Richard Bona, "Dina Lam"11. Improvisation With Richard Bona12. Improvisation: "Country Stuff"13. Baby14. Improvisation With Tamango: "Well You Needn't"15. Bwee Do16. Le Grand Chiur De Montreal: "It's A Wonderful World"17. Circlesong One18. Somewhere Over The Rainbow19. The Wizard Of Oz Medley20. Melody From "Sun Concert 5"21. Sings Walking Off Stage

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